Get to know the team

At the heart of Benow Partners are the people who make up our team – a team ready to be your partner in your projects.

What they say about us

  • ‘The transparency and knowledge offered, coupled with the effort to go the extra mile makes, it very easy for clients to trust profoundly in the lawyers and therefore the firm’

  • ‘The level of commitment is above that I have experienced with larger firms, while the technical skills are on par’

  • ‘In terms of advice, I feel they are big thinkers and therefore offer a holistic approach to a deal whilst at the same time focusing on every small detail when it comes to execution’

  • ‘They are always a step ahead of our needs, available 24/7, have really good knowledge of our industry, and are very smart’

  • ‘The team is really good and their technical knowledge is outstanding. Always available, very good value and personalised advice. In my opinion and based on my experience, it is very difficult in Spain to find the advice they provide under reasonable fees, and within this area they are very well positioned’