Our multi-disciplinary team offers our clients a personalised service adapted to their needs, with tailor-made solutions in the area of digital, innovation and privacy law.

The experience boasted by our professionals allows the risks inherent to technology-based and innovative business models to be reduced, enabling our clients to focus on developing their business with greater security and peace of mind.

Furthermore, our team has extensive experience in the implementation of internal processes in companies from a range of sectors that allow our clients to obtain certifications demonstrating compliance with national and international standards.

Our advice includes the following areas, among others:


Digital law:

  • Adaptation of your website to meet legal requirements.
  • Adaptation to regulations applicable to your ecommerce.
  • Legal advice on your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Legal advice on conducting competitions and draws online.
  • Digital rights deriving from labour relationships.

Intellectual and industrial property:

  • Registration of national and European trademarks.
  • Registration of copyright.

Contracts for the protection, development and commercialisation of your innovative and technological assets:

  • Usage licences.
  • Transfer-of-rights contracts.
  • E-procurement of products and services.
  • IT contracts.


We can ensure the commercial activities of companies in all sectors comply with legislation on data protection (EU General Data Protection Regulation/Spanish Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data).

  • Analysis of the particular needs of the company or professional.
  • Creation of the documentation required to obtain consent for or provide information on the treatment of personal data.
  • Risk assessments and development of security measures.
  • Impact assessments.
  • Training for employees and directors.
  • Exercising of rights.
  • International transfers of personal data.
  • Legal support in the fulfilling of obligations by the persons responsible for and/or in charge of data processing.

Contracts relating to the protection of personal data:

  • Database transfer agreements.
  • Data processor agreement.
  • Confidentiality agreements.
  • Contract review.

Data-protection officer (DPO).

  • Guidance for the internal DPO.
  • External DPO service.


ISO 27001

  • Development of an information-security-management system consisting of processes that allow for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continued improvement of information security at any company.
  • Advice on management and security processes.
  • Support in the maintenance of the information-security-management system.
  • Training and sensitisation of employees and directors.

Contratos relativos a la protección de datos personales:

Criminal compliance

  • Identification and analysis of the risk of the commission of criminal offences.
  • Prioritisation of criminal risks identified.
  • Prevention, detection and action procedures resulting from the risks identified.
  • Development and implementation of control measures to reduce the risks identified.
  • Drafting of the criminal-compliance policy.
  • Analysis of complaints received through the company’s communication channels.
  • Training and sensitisation of employees and directors.
  • Guidance and legal support for the compliance officer.
  • External compliance-officer services.
  • Corporate defence: judicial defence against lawsuits arising from the commission of criminal offences.

UNE 19601

  • Development of a management system in accordance with the requirements established by the UNE 19601 standard, introducing guidelines for the adoption, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of compliance policies and other elements of a company system of criminal compliance.
  • Legal advice for the compliance officer, and for the organs of governance and senior management.
  • Training and sensitisation of employees and directors.

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